Artist Statement

Colorful, textural, unique in design and creation, jewelry pieces created to be worn and cherished. Sparkling crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, gold, and other metals are used in combinations that respond to a specific vision for the piece.

I draw inspiration from the colors and textures in nature; art in museums, books, and galleries; fabrics in quilts, clothing, and tapestries. I think of weaving the colors and textures of the stones and metals I use in a way that is interesting to look at; asking to be touched; creating a desire to wear them.

As with my musical expression and my ceramic creations, my jewelry needs others to touch it, see it, wear it.

As with my music, my art is personal in both the creation and the expression, but at the same time needs the viewer. It needs to be seen and heard.

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